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Pride Parade 2017

Pride Parade 2017


Welcome to the Toronto Centre Greens! News and information about the Green Party of Ontario Toronto Centre Constituency Association and the Green Party of Canada Electoral District Association. We believe in doing politics differently. We believe in working for democratic engagement happens all year around, it's a process that goes well beyond election campaigns. #Democracy365

As members of a political party committed to diversity and grassroots engagement, we not just about being a cheerleaders for the party "brand" or toting the party line. A local riding association should be about fostering dialogue in the community and act as a forum for discussion, for policy making and ideation. Politics needs to be more engaging, creative and interactive.

Voting is but one part of your agency as citizens, and the choice you are presented with at the ballot box every few years is determined by political parties — so it is absolutely incumbent upon parties to be inclusive, to help people build social capital and generate empowerment. That’s why the Green Party fought to get big money out of politics, why we’re against whipped voting in the legislature and why we believe in a 100% local nomination process. We are also staunch advocates of electoral reform for proportional representation and multi partisan collaboration. Partisan culture is only a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. 

We are committed to discussing and putting forward policies that are socially just, economically viable, ecologically sound and equitable. You'll find us at community events, meeting with local activists and residents, staging happenings and workshops. If you share our values and our vision for participatory politics, get in touch! 

Here are a couple links if you'd like to learn more about the Green Party of Ontario’s Vision for Ontario and the 2018 campaign platform People Powered Change.

Vision Green is the Green Party of Canada’s foundational policy document.