Video: Green Accountability for Ontario, Local Engagement in Toronto

Ontarians are eager for change. But what kind of change? I'm Adam Sommerfeld your Toronto Centre Green candidate. I’m talking about change that puts positive outcomes and constructive solutions ahead of partisanship. A creative, collaborative kind of politics based on honest conversations. It’s about big picture thinking, and ambitious goals. 

Green leader Mike Schreiner is on the verge winning our first seat in Guelph, and there have never been more Green members as there are today. So I hope I can count on your support on June 7th to keep this momentum going! 

The best way to hold the government to account is to vote Green. 
A progressive minority government with at least one Green MPP would be best for Ontario. 

We are the only party thinking about the next seven generations, instead of looking a few years down the road to the next election. Greens will put people first, ahead of political self-interest.

Adam Sommerfeld