Toronto Centre Greens

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Expanded Transit & Multi-use Streets

Our plan starts with better land use planning, redesigning roads and streets with the safety and convenience of all road users — drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users.

  • Establish a Complete Streets Act, which would require streets across Ontario to be planned, designed, operated, and maintained to enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for users of all ages and abilities, regardless of their mode of transportation.
  • Allow municipalities to implement road tolls, including granting Toronto’s request for road tolls on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway (two of the highways that Premier Mike Harris downloaded to Toronto twenty years ago).
  • Implement dedicated revenue tools to fund our updated transportation systems that are fair and progressive, such as congestion charges, gas taxes and parking levies.


Innovative & Resilient Communities

The housing crisis is a complex problem that requires creative solutions. Those solutions should start with what works for people, not for speculators and developers. This is but one example where status quo politics hasn't been working for people.

Our vision looks to build on our health care system, to ­i­nvest in preventative care, physical and mental health, and universal dental and pharmacare. Our vision is to unify our education system to make it inclusive from K-12 and enhance opportunities for lifelong learning. Our vision is of a province where we address head on systemic racism, sexism and denials of Indigenous rights. Every person in Ontario deserves equal opportunity for success.



Participatory & Inclusive Planning

We need a government that respects and engages citizens and communities; a government committed to building partnerships with communities to develop sensible solutions, instead of imposing top-down bureaucratic solutions. It’s time for more democracy, not less.

We need to move to make politicians more accountable: local decision making in the public interest is essential to a vibrant democracy. We need to have checks and balances to ensure that all public officials are held to high ethical standards, including implementing principles of open government that lead to fairness and transparency.